Blekinge Business Incubator

A regional incubator.

Do you have an idea for a new company or how you can develop parts of your current business? Wondering if BBI can help you?

We can.

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Here’s how it works

1. Workshops – Evaluation

BBI conducts various workshops where you get the opportunity to evaluate and develop your business idea with the help of established startup techniques. A workshop can last for anywhere from 2 to 24 hours and is designed in different ways depending on what we want to achieve or what our assignment looks like. Some of them are open to the public and aim to arouse interest in entrepreneurship. Others refer to a specifically invited group of participants and are performed internally with the companies on the incubator or on behalf of an external organization. We also work in workshops to evaluate startups who apply for a plac in the incubator.

A few times a year we organize Startup Challenge where the business ideas compete for a certain start capital and a place in our incubation program – Startup Program. Are you curious about our workshops? Keep an eye on our calendar or contact us to discuss a workshop specifically designed for your organization.

2. BBI Startup och Execution

If you have decided to start a business, you can apply for a place in BBI’s incubation program. If we see a potential in you and your business idea, you will be accepted into the first part of the program – Startup Program – and offered an office space in the appropriate BBI office. You form your company and all formal company pieces are implemented. You participate in the program where you learn, among other things, marketing and sales work, financing, pitching, networking and personal leadership. You are working on developing early prototypes and performing product and market tests to learn more about your market and refine your offer. You get ongoing business development from our staff. This first part of the BBI Startup Program ends with Demo Day presenting your company to potential customers and financiers and more.

If at this stage you can prove that your business idea and your offer have sales potential, you move on to the next step in the incubation program – Startup Execution. Now you are working to get your sales work started seriously. Now you are moving from a program to focus on growing, customers and sales. You get business coaching as well as boost days and support in the work with possible capital raising. If you have failed to verify your business model and market under the Startup Program, we recommend that you make an early exit. This means that you leave the incubator to continue your verification work on your own using your newly acquired knowledge, or even leave your business idea behind you to give space to a new idea. Many successful entrepreneurs have “scrapped” several ideas before they succeed. Sometimes it’s about the right timing. You leave the incubator to give more entrepreneurs the chance to test and verify their business idea. You can return to BBI at any time to re-test your idea.

3. BBI Scaleup

If there is potential for growth, you go on to BBI’s Acceleration Program – Scaleup Program. Now you are in a phase where the company is growing at a rapid pace. You get help with financing and prepare customer meetings in a global market. You can also apply directly to the acceleration program without having participated in the incubation program. You may have been running your business for a while or want to budge part of your business to a new company. To apply, your company must have a functioning team and a scalable business model. During the program we work with professional methods to kick-start your growth curve. We evaluate the strengths and improvement potential of your company and decide what you should work on to prepare your product / service and volume management organization. If you are planning for an international establishment, it is time to investigate more suitable export markets. There may be a need to seek additional venture capital. You are offered to participate in a number of boost days focusing on growth issues and we help you get a good job started on the advisory board or board. You will have access to ongoing business development and office space at the appropriate BBI office.

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